Paul’s error regarding the length of King Saul’s reign

Acts 13:21, Paul says of the Israelites, "And afterwards they desired a king, and God gave unto them Saul, the son of Kish, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, by the space of forty years."

Paul erred in assigning to Saul such a protracted reign. Saul had governed only two years when his dereliction of the will of God, in his war against the Amalekites, threw him into disfavor, so that he forfeited his crown. Samuel was then immediately sent to anoint David, who was about twenty years old; when he [David] ascended the throne, he was but thirty years of age (see 2 Samuel 5:4); consequently Saul could not have governed Israel more than ten years. If we follow a hypothesis of Albo, the author of the book, entitled Sepher Ikkarirn, Saul did not occupy the throne even so long a time; but certainly could not have remained king for forty years.

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