Doctrinal additions to the NT, in spite of their scripture condemning such

We would ask the Christians who take the New Testament as a substitute for the Mosaic law, how they could venture to add, or diminish from the doctrines set forth in that law, seeing that the most severe denunciations are pronounced against him, who would dare either to add to, or omit the doctrines contained therein.

As points of addition, we must consider – First, The dogma of the Trinity. The New Testament itself furnishes us only with proofs against the existence of a Trinity, as we have already shown in the tenth chapter of this book.

Secondly, We do not learn from the New Testament that Jesus called himself God, or that he arrogated to himself the unbounded power of the Almighty.

Thirdly, We have to ask those members of Christianity who worship images, how they could introduce a worship which runs counter to the stringent prohibitions of Jesus regarding this matter? For he prohibited his disciples from tasting the very flesh of animals sacrificed in honor of images. The defense attempted by those who bow to images is perfectly untenable. They allege that the images merely recall to mind the memory of holy men and women, and that they do not pay adoration to their inanimate representations. They, however, cannot deny that the form is polytheistic, and that, in their estimation, their bowing and prostration, and praying before those figures of saints, imparts a Divine character to those images.

Fourthly, The Christians, in visiting upon the Jews the death of Jesus, are acting against his expressed opinion; for, according to Luke 23:34, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

The wide scope to cruelty which has been given by the assumption of the right of avenging the death of Jesus on the Jews, has been sadly demonstrated in the conduct of the worst of men, who have heaped upon the inoffensive false accusations and acts of violence. As to the Christians’ omission of acts enjoined by Jesus, we will point out—

First, The non-adoption by Christians of the precept to sell their property and distribute among the poor the money thus realized: Matthew 19:21, and Luke 18:22. No Christian, according to our knowledge, ever acquiesces in this mode of doing charity.

Secondly, The Christians do not practice the following admonition, contained in Luke 6:35, "Love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, and hope for nothing again;" and Matthew 5:44, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you."

Thirdly, The Christians have, without authority, abolished the law, repeated in the New Testament, that they should abstain from eating blood and the flesh of the strangled, as we have shown in the preceding chapter, by citing Acts 15:29, and 21:25.

If Christians thus evade well-defined doctrines of the New Testament, they cannot cast any reproach on the Jew, who, from conscientious motives, refuses adherence to the new doctrines of the Christian religion.


Thus we have fairly established our objection to Christianity in the various arguments adduced in the preceding chapters, wherein we have refuted the attacks made by Christians upon the Jewish faith.

Let not the reader blame us for having occasionally made repetitions. Our desire has by no means been to swell the volume, but merely to render our arguments more clear and effective.



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